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Staff recruitment is organized so as to provide a fast solution  to the client company’s needs.

H.R.I. supports its clients in identifying the right candidate profile, in defining the applicant’s personal and professional skills,, the tasks and the salary level. We manage the entire recruitment and selection process right  up to the highest professional levels, including middle and senior managers .

The search is carried out using a constantly updated database of job profiles and market sectors, and can also be done through online search services. For particular areas of expertise, specific  head hunting activity(direct search)is also offered.

Selection is made through direct talks with individual candidates and by of making use of personality tests  for more complex profiles. At the end of the selection process, a list of suitable candidates is presented to the company.

Finally, H.R.I supports the customer in introducing the new resource into the company as well as facilitating the adaptation process and rapid acquisition of the new role.