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Handling of Human Resources


Staff recruitment is organized so as to provide a fast solution to the client company’s needs. H.R.I. supports its clients in identifying the right candidate profile, in defining the applicant’s personal and professional skills, the tasks and the salary level...

Consulting and

HR Outsourcing
H.R.I. operates not only as an intermediary in the labor market for skilled personnel, but also as a consulting firm, offering the services typical of a real human resources department on an outsourced basis...


and Coaching
H.R.I. provides individual and group development training courses aimed at all sizes of business across a range of sectors.
Training activity is structured into several steps: support in identifying training needs and objectives, targets, methodology and approaches...


H.R.I. can carry out an analysis of the client company’s organizational structure and is able to identify critical issues and/or developable areas of strength related both to the individual human resources working in the company and whole functional areas...

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