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Organizational Studies

H.R.I. can carry out an analysis of the client company’s organizational structure and is able to identify critical issues and/or developable areas of strength related both to the individual human resources working in the company and whole functional areas.

The purpose is to define the best organizational system connected to the company's needs and to design an optimal organizational structure by establishing a correct and efficient flow of inter-functional processes and interaction.

The process involves a detailed organizational analysis of the company, the definition of roles and responsibilities as well as the content of different positions. The whole process is carried out in line with the company's context and goals. The methodology used allows us to offer customized organizational solutions to our clients.

H.R.I. also provides a study that allows the client to identify the optimal level of human resources required, also in numerical terms,

In addition, a study of the organizational macro-structure allows the client to identify the necessary measures to optimize the staffing structure as well as a management strategy to reduce operating costs.